Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

As ‘Data Processors’, we use client’s personal and financial data to enable us to fulfil our contractual duties. This information is held electronically and in paper form.

We are under legal obligation not to hold information unnecessarily in any form.

Clients have the right to access all personal information held by us. Information will be provided without delay and within one month. If requests are complex or the amount of data expansive, it may take up to two months to provide this. The Data Controller is: Kimberley Walsh. Requests are to be made to

We do not share client information with anyone unless we have explicit written authority or passcode enabled authority to do so. e.g. HMRC, Companies House, mortgage advisors, bank managers.

Our software providers may, from time to time, see client data in the course of providing technical assistance to us. Such data is not retained by them and they are under contractual and legal obligations to not share that data.

All electronic data is held and backed up securely both on and off site.

We hold income and corporation tax data for six years (unless an ongoing issue necessitates extending this).  Capital tax data and data held for safe keeping will be kept for as long as necessary to fulfil our duties.

Should our engagement be terminated, we will provide all requested information to the client or their new advisors (in which case written authority will be required). We will then delete electronic data and securely dispose of any paper data in our possession.

We must delete all personal and financial data held by us at a client’s request, and keep records to prove this has been done.

However we will retain sufficient data for such time as it may be necessary to recover any outstanding sums due to us.

We will only contact clients regarding our additional services if we believe they are pertinent to them, and necessary in order to provide comprehensive professional advice.

To fulfil our professional duty to keep clients fully informed, we will email tax deadlines, updates and financial bulletins.

Clients may unsubscribe to these email services at any time by contacting us, clicking ’unsubscribe’ on the email communication, or unsubscribing on our website.

From 25th May 2018 we will no longer send emails containing personal or financial information as they are easily intercepted. We will inform clients by email that documents or information are available in the secure client area accessed via our website, or provide these by post.

For information about how website visitor’s data is used, please see the ‘Privacy Policy’ in the Disclaimer section below.

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